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Cafes, pop-ups, community pubs and distilleries

Be a temporary local by eating in community cafes

Many of our community hubs and heritage centres serve lunches, snacks, teas, coffees and cakes. We also have community owned pubs, distillieries and breweries.

Visitor spend brings in new money and makes these ventures more viable and able to be open longer and at times that matter to locals.

You’ll also often find that there are coffee mornings and lunch clubs on set days of the week where you will be very welcome and get the chance to meet lovely local people.

These are often provided to help with isolation – give people a reason to leave the house. Your spend helps but your chat will help even more as you share life stories and have a laugh together.


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Local tips and friendly ways to be a temporary local

Immerse yourself in Scotland's communities to get a better experience for you - and leave a positive, lasting impact on the communities you visit.

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Hostels, self catering, motorhome stop-overs and camping

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Shops, crafts and provisions

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Experiences, activities, heritage and arts centres

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Function spaces, events and festivals

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Join local groups to offer your support and skills

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Community transport, bike hire, e-charging, fuel and ferries

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Information hubs, toilets and other services

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